My IVADO project in 180 seconds – 2022 edition

IVADO and its Intersectoral Student Committee are challenging the student community to tell the story of their research project in 180 seconds! In the same vein as the Acfas competition, My Thesis in 180 seconds, this is the perfect opportunity for participants to practice communicating to the general public, to make their research known, and to share their passion. For the public, it is a unique opportunity to discover in one evening the variety of projects that flourish within our ecosystem.

At this networking event, taking place on March 29 in Montreal, hosted by Sophie-Andrée Blondin (Radio-Canada), 15 students in artificial intelligence and data sciences will present their research projects in a more accessible way (in English or French), all in a festive and informal atmosphere. This will be followed by a period of networking, snacks, drinks and poutine bar offered!

Anyone interested in science popularization and artificial intelligence is welcome to attend the presentations.

Registration link: (free and open to all)

Detailed program: