The Art of Imaging - Call for image submissions

Do you have a beautiful scientific image that you would like to share with a wider audience?

Images are an excellent way to reach a wide non-scientific audience and increase the impact and awareness of your research. In the field of bio-imaging, we are lucky to produce data that is often inherently ripe with aesthetic value.

As part of QBIN’s mission to increase awareness and encourage and facilitate communication of bio-imaging research to a wider audience, we are looking for eye-catching examples of bio-imaging. Submitted images may be used for one or more of the following purposes, always with credit to the scientists and an explanation of the scientific value:

  • Promotion on our social media platforms
  • Inclusion in an image gallery on the QBIN website
  • Potential exhibition in printed and framed format at upcoming public events

Criteria for submission:

  • The image was acquired/created using a bio-imaging method in the context of the author’s research.
  • The image should be created in high resolution (at least 1080x1080 pixels).
  • The image should be accompanied by a brief description (100-200 words) of its meaning and scientific value written for a lay audience.
  • You must have the right/permission to share the image for noncommercial purposes.

Other notes:

  • The image may be edited to increase its aesthetic value, as long as the editing does not compromise its scientific integrity.
  • The image may represent unconventional forms of beauty. For example, an image can be intriguing, stimulate curiosity or other emotions, without being visually beautiful. The purpose is to engage the public through captivating images.

For submissions, please use this form

For any questions, please email Estrid Jakobsen at estrid.jakobsen à