Financial Support Program for Scientific Events


The Quebec Bio-Imaging Network (RBIQ) offers its members a support program for scientific events taking place in the province. To manage this program, we define here the criteria that must be answered in any request; the levels of support envisaged; the methods of receiving applications; and follow-up instructions.

Any request should include a response to the following:

a) Mandatory criteria:
- Define the details of the event (title, date, place) and certify that the event will take place in Quebec;
- Identify the main organizers of the event and certify that they are members of the RBIQ;
- Identify the level of activity (regional, provincial, national, international);
- Identify the assumed size (number of participants);
- Provide a complete budget for the event, including sources of support, and risk management (loss / profit).

b) General criteria:
- Describe what preferential access will be offered to RBIQ members;
- Describe what specific visibility will be given to the RBIQ;
- Describe what knowledge and skills will be transferred to RBIQ members in particular, and in Quebec in general;
- Describe the possible social impact of the event;
- Describe the measures to mitigate the environmental impact of the event; and
- Describe, if applicable, what would be the direct financial return for the RBIQ.

Level of support.
Maximum RBIQ support will be awarded according to the following attribution grid


To note:
The regional, provincial, national and international levels are defined according to the origin of the participants in the event and not the speakers.
The amounts awarded may vary according to the evaluation of the answers to the general criteria.

Receipt of requests. Due to the nature of the events, requests will be received at any time; approvals will be issued at three times in the year (January 15, May 15, September 15).

Followed. Budget and event tracking (e.g. demonstration that general criteria have been met) is required, no later than one month after the event. 

This assistance program is applicable subject to financial availability.