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The Art of Imaging

The Art of Imaging is a traveling curated exhibition that aims to engage the public in bio-imaging research through visually impressive scientific images. By showing that science can be beautiful, we hope to spark the interest of non-scientists to learn more about bio-imaging research conducted in Quebec and around the world.

The images are created and submitted by QBIN scientists and depict real scientific data, which is explained in a short description accompanying each piece. Selected images are then printed and framed to be displayed at various venues and events across the province (for example, The Neuro’s fundraising gala, A Brilliant Night, in Montreal and The 10th anniversary of CINQ in Quebec City).

Would you like to host The Art of Imaging at your institute or during an upcoming event? Please contact Estrid Jakobsen (

Are you a scientist who would like to contribute an image to the exhibition? Take part in The Art of Imaging Competition!