Pia Wintermark, MD (PI) Neonatologist and clinical researcher

Guillaume Gilbert, PhD MR Physicist

The NeoBrainLab ( is devoted to the understanding of the causes and consequences of brain and eyes damages in critically ill babies. The main goals of the lab are to develop innovative strategies to prevent or repair these brain and eyes damages, and thus to improve the future of these babies. The laboratory uses both clinical research and basic science techniques to understand mechanisms underlying these brain and eyes damages and test treatments to repair them. More specifically, we are studying the unique profile of brain and eyes injury in human newborns, using advanced neuroimaging techniques, in order to identify as early as possible the babies who will develop later brain and eye damage, and in order to test if an additional treatment can improve these injuries.

• Exciting opportunity to clinically apply multimodal MRI techniques to image the brain of critically ill newborns so to understand how their brain injuries develop and how they can potentially be repaired.
• Multidisciplinary research in a collaborative network
• State-of-the-art computing and imaging infrastructure to support your research
• Possibility to attend international scientific meetings to present your work

• B.Sc/M.Sc in biomedical engineering, physics or related field
• Good scientific computing skills (MATLAB, Python)
• Good understanding of quantitative MRI principles, applications and standard sequences
• Hands-on experience with MRI techniques (sequence design and acquisition)
• Background in image processing (image reconstruction, filtering, denoising)
• Good oral and written communication skills in English (required) and French (optional)
• Adequate social skills to interact with patients and their families