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Open postdoc position at Concordia University PERFORM Centre, MONTREAL: EEG/fMRI and EEG/NIRS in sleep and cognition


Postdoctoral Fellowship in Multimodal Neuroimaging of Sleep and Cognition

Dr Dang-Vu and myself have a very interesting postdoc opportunity in our labs (PERFORM Centre, Concordia University, Montreal), funded by the prestigious Concordia Horizon Postdoc Program. We are looking for a biomedical engineering / physicist expert neuroimaging in order to set up advanced protocols and analyses methods involving high density EEG and fMRI , as well as for the first time personalized NIRS and EEG whole night recording, to study sleep, sleep disorders, interaction between sleep and cognition. The ideal candidate will also be involved in the development of NIRSTORM, our Brainstorm plugin for NIRS data analysis:

See further details below, deadline for application is March 30th 2019, although we need to fill the position as soon as possible.