Dear colleagues, Dear students,

First of all, we would like to wish all the very best for this new year 2020!

To start well, we are happy to announce that we will organize at PERFORM our second mini-course / hands-on session on NIRSTORM, which is a NIRS plugin we created for Brainstorm software package

This will be a session dedicated first for NIRS beginners (NIRS data import and visualization, preprocessing, statistical analysis), whereas the second part of the training will feature more advanced analyses technique, such as 3D NIRS reconstruction and optimal NIRS probe design.

The course is free but registration is mandatory, we wish you see many of you there.

The number of seats is limited so please register ASAP

Christophe Grova on behalf of the whole NIRSTORM team: Thomas Vincent, Zhengchen Cai, Edouard Delaire, and Amanda Spilkin

Please follow the link for registration: