The Art of Imaging Competition 2020-2021

QBIN is pleased to announce the launch of the first annual The Art of Imaging Competition 2020-2021!

Do you have an interesting, impressive, or beautiful scientific image that you would like to share with a wider audience? Images are a powerful means of teaching and communicating, and an excellent way to reach a broad and diverse audience to increase the impact and awareness of scientific research. In the field of bio-imaging, we are lucky to produce data that is often inherently ripe with aesthetic and scientific value. Even images that are not necessarily visually beautiful can be intriguing, captivating, and can stimulate curiosity or other emotions.

This year, we are launching the first Annual Art of Imaging Competition, with prizes awarded to the best submitted images. From microscopy to MRI, we want to showcase the wide variety of topics covered by our network’s members to spark curiosity and inspire viewers to learn more about bio-imaging research conducted in Quebec and around the world, and how it impacts their lives.

Two prizes will be awarded for the best submitted images: The People’s Choice Award will be selected by online popular vote, and the Jury Award will be selected by a panel of QBIN committee members. Winners will be awarded $200 as well as the opportunity to have their image included in our next live exhibition.

Click here to learn more about the competition and how to submit your images