The Art of Imaging – Exhibition

The Art of Imaging is an exhibition that aims to engage the public in bio-imaging research through visually impressive scientific images.

By showing that science can be beautiful, we hope to spark the interest of non-scientists to learn more about bio-imaging research conducted in Quebec, and around the world. The goal of this exhibition is to showcase to the public how science and art are intertwined and complementary. It is often via an artistic lens that scientists can most effectively disseminate discoveries. Through images, we can reach everyone: microscopic snapshots of assemblies of cells become intricate networks of shapes and colours; MRI images of thousands of anatomical connections in the brain become colourful roads to walk on. Images are a powerful means of teaching and communicating, particularly in medical research, a domain in which complicated and inaccessible terminology often pervades. 

In line with our vision that science is in itself a form of art, all pieces in the exhibition are real scientific images acquired by Quebec researchers using real biological data. Visitors are advised to bring a smartphone or tablet with which they can scan QR codes that link to each chapter of the online exhibition. From the lab to the gallery, we aim to bring bio-imaging research to the wider public and tell the story of bio- imaging as a historic and current art form.

The Art of Imaging is organized by members of the QBIN Student and Postdoc Communications team led by QBIN’s Communications Officer, Estrid Jakobsen.

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Upcoming events

The next edition of the Art of Imaging exhibition will take place at the Sherbrooke Nature and Science Museum from March 14 to May 6, with an opening event on March 14 during Brain Awareness Week.

The opening event on March 14 will feature a with a 5 à 7 talk presented by two Quebec scientists:

  • Prof. Kevin Whittingstall, professor and researcher in neuroimaging at the Université de Sherbrooke’s Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
  • Vincent Doyon, a master’s student in radiology and biomedical imaging at the Université de Sherbrooke

As usual, this event is free and open to all!

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Past events

Montreal Convention Center – October 15-19, 2023

On October 15-19, 2023, the Art of Imaging exhibition was displayed at the Montreal Convention Center, during the Amazing Brain Week and the World Congress of Neurology. The exhibition took place in a space known as the Lipstick Forest, a space easily recognizable by its collection of large pink concrete trees. We believe that science should be open and accessible to all, and as such, all Art of Imaging events are free of charge, bilingual (French and English), and open to everyone.

PHI Center, Montreal – March 18, 2023

The first edition of the full Art of Imaging exhibition took place on March 18, 2023 at the PHI Centre in Montreal. Over 400 people attended the event throughout the day to learn the story of bio-imaging told through the lens of Quebec scientists. In the evening, a cocktail reception with a public lecture by Professor Pierre Bellec about how art and science can inspire each other filled the room with around 150 people.

In addition to the exhibition, children ages 8-12 were invited to participate in free activities to learn about bio-imaging and the brain, led by members of the QBIN student and postdoc communications committee. The activities included a scavenger hunt based on the images in the exhibition, building brains with modeling clay, and crafting neurons out of pipe cleaners.

Visitors also had the opportunity to try out a virtual reality experience by Paperplane Therapeutics, a Montreal-based company that builds therapeutic virtual reality video games designed to help prepare children for medical procedures. Kids and adults alike were invited to learn about Magnetic Resonance Imaging and experience what it’s like to get their brain scanned in VR.

Some comments from attendees:

“Wonderful execution, with superb balance of information and accessibility. Thank you for all your effort in organizing and putting this on!”
– Lily

“Fantastic!!!! My nieces were positively impacted and inspired. Thank you for the great detail in the imaging, crafts, VR experience etc. Your efforts and communication abilities to relay science to a young target audience were highly successful. Kudos! A definite repeat I hope.”
– Survey respondent

“Amazing installation! The connection of imaging to science to art is a special form of showing the public how incredible both the human body is and how incredible the science of medical imaging is. Congratulations on a great event!”
– Jeff

“Superb exhibition. Art and science coming together to give another dimension to science (or art).”
– Louise B.

“So many questions, all good ones. Opened my eyes, or mind even, to the micro-macro universe. Beautiful journey of this research. Congrats!”
– Tristan

“Beyond the beautiful images, one understands the importance of the development of techniques and knowledge in the field of bio-imaging. Congratulations to all for your work!”
– Mathilde & Jeremie

“Simply magnificent, very impressive!
– Chantal B.

Previous editions of the exhibition

In previous years, smaller versions of the Art of Imaging exhibition took place at various events across the province. These events included the Neuro’s annual fundraising gala, A Brilliant Night, in Montreal, the 10th anniversary of CINQ in Quebec City, and QBIN’s own annual scientific day in Sherbrooke.

Would you like to contribute to the Art of Imaging or host our collection at your institute or venue? Contact Estrid Jakobsen ( for more information.