Financial support for scientific events

QBIN offers its members a support program for scientific events (e.g. conferences and workshops) taking place in the province. Below you will find information about how to apply and what will be required of successful applicants.

How to apply and selection criteria

All requests should be emailed as a single PDF file to and must address the following criteria.

Mandatory criteria:
  • Define the details of the event (title, date, place) and certify that the event will take place in Quebec
  • State the names and affiliations of the main organizers of the event and certify that at least one of them is a member of QBIN
  • State the size of the event (regional, provincial, national, or international) and the expected number of participants
  • State the amount of funding requested from QBIN and provide a complete budget for the event, including other sources of support and risk management (in case of financial loss/profit)
General criteria:
  • Describe the aim/purpose of the event and how it relates to bio-imaging and the mission statement of QBIN – What knowledge and skills will be transferred to QBIN members and/or Quebec in general?
  • Describe any preferential access that will be offered to QBIN members
  • Describe any specific visibility that will be given to QBIN as an organization (e.g. display of the QBIN logo on the event website and during the event, social media mentions etc.)
  • Describe the potential social impact of the event
  • Describe the measures that will be taken to mitigate the environmental impact of the event

Amount of funding awarded

Maximum support provided by QBIN will be determined by the following attribution grid.

 Number of participantsRegionalProvincialNationalInternational
Please note:
  • The regional, provincial, national and international levels are defined according to the origin of the participants in the event and not the speakers
  • The exact amount awarded will be determined on a case-by-case basis and may differ from the amount requested
  • Funding will be provided in the form of an advance and invoices/receipts must be submitted to QBIN after the conclusion of the event or project
  • This event funding program is applicable subject to financial availability
  • Funding provided by QBIN cannot be used for the purchase of alcohol

Follow-up requirements

Successful applicants are required to submit a follow-up report to QBIN no later than one month after the event. The follow-up report should include the following:

  • A detailed budget including invoices/receipts and evidence that the selection criteria were met
  • Where possible, 3 high-quality photos of the event with captions
  • A one-page write-up of the event

Receipt of requests / submission deadline

For the current application cycle, the event or activity must be completed by August 31, 2024 and applications for funding must be submitted by August 1st to allow the funds to be directed to the trustee Institution by September 30, 2024.

If you have any questions, please email Martine Dallaire at