Winners of the first QBIN Open Science Awards

As part of our commitment to encouraging and supporting our members in engaging in Open Science practices, QBIN Launched its first Open Science Awards competition for students and postdocs in 2022. Each winner will receive $2,000 in recognition of their work to advance Open Science in Quebec and/or internationally through their research practices and/or through outreach initiatives related to the field of bio-imaging. The prize can be awarded in recognition of a single project or of a series of contributions that demonstrate the individual’s commitment to making bio-imaging science transparent, reproducible, collaborative, and accessible to all.

Congratulations to the three winners!

Marie-Hélène Bourget, École Polytechnique de Montréal
Standardisation et outils logiciels FAIR pour l’analyse d’images microscopiques par apprentissage profonde

Agah Karakuzu, École Polytechnique de Montréal
Lock, stock and barrel : An all-inclusive solution to port quantitative MRI from closed to open-source

Justine Hansen, McGill University
Neuromaps: structural and functional interpretation of brain maps