Postdoctoral fellow – Polytechnique Montréal

Postdoctoral position in non-linear microscopy

Non-linear microscopy encompasses various methods to image samples and live animals using non-linear optics. The LIOM laboratory at Polytechnique Montréal is seeking a post-doctoral fellow to work on new imaging techniques that can be applied to image the brain in vivo in small animals. For this postdoctoral position, two specific techniques will be developed and exploited: 1) An ultrafast two-photon microscope based on the FACED (free space angular chirp enhanced delay) scanning technique to enable two-photon imaging at kHz rates. 2) A NIR-II (1650nm) confocal microscope with detection based on superconducting nanowires to image deep into the brain. While these are prioritized, the postdoctoral position will also facilitate open-ended investigations and new risky initiatives.

The object of the project is to design the optical microscopes, write the appropriate acquisition code and validate in phantoms and in vivo the function of the microscopes during experiments with pathological mice. Application studies are focused on vascular function in the brain.

Key tasks:

  • Act as an optical expert for the LIOM team.
  • Develop optical designs to minimize optical dispersion (for ultrafast pulses) and optimize light collection.
  • Develop acquisition software and ensure image quality.
  • Perform image analysis and data analysis from in vivo experiments.
  • Produced scientific papers and oral presentations.
  • Work in close collaboration with multidisciplinary professionals and research scientists from medical, engineering and optical fields.

General education:

  • PhD degree in a related area of specialization (physics, physics-engineering, medical physics, electrical engineering).
  • Three (3) years of experience in a related area of specialization (optics, laboratory work, computing).

Skill requirements:

  • Experience in optical design
  • Experience in data and image analysis
  • Experience in Linux, Python, C++
  • Experience in collaborative and version management systems (git or others)
  • Good problem-solving skills, good sense of optimization and solution evolution
  • Ease of communication and good adaptability in a highly multidisciplinary environment
  • Initiative and team spirit, excellent organization skills, ability to conduct projects autonomously

Duration: 2 years

Professor Frédéric Lesage, Ph. D.
LIOM Laboratory
Polytechnique Montréal
Phone: (514) 340-4711 ext 7542