MSc and PhD positions – Université de Montréal

Project title: Proventure. Cannabis use and psychotic experiences in adolescents: A longitudinal brain imaging study

Study levels: MSc and PhD

Principal investigators: Dr Patricia Conrod, Dr Stéphane Potvin

Project duration: 2-4 years

Available positions: 2

Start date: Between January 2023 and December 2023

Overview of the research group

Substance use disorders are widespread, with their first symptoms appearing in adolescence and a high rate of comorbidity with other mental disorders. Dr. Conrod’s lab is studying the development of these disorders and their risk factors using multimodal longitudinal research designs. Dr. Conrod’s research has shown that substance use behaviors can be predicted by a combination of psychological, genetic, and neurocognitive factors, which can then be targeted in preventive psychosocial interventions. These findings have led to the development of an intervention program that has proven effective in preventing substance abuse and mental health problems in high-risk youth.

Research project description

ProVenture is a large longitudinal study (4 years) following 120 youths annually. This study aims to better understand the impact of cannabis use on the structural and functional development of the brain, with particular attention to the evolution of psychotic symptoms. We use a variety of tests including magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), clinical interview, neurocognitive tests, and questionnaires (see:

Required training and profile

  • Dynamic and motivated M.Sc. or PhD student in Biomedical Sciences (psychiatric sciences option), Neurosciences, Psychology, or a related field;
  • Demonstrated research experience (e.g., honours thesis, conference presentations, peer-reviewed publications, etc.);
  • Have knowledge of neuroscience and/or psychiatric disorders;
  • Effective oral and written communication skills in both English and French.

More specifically, candidates will be responsible for:

  • Participating in the research project through the development of protocols, the execution of experiments and analyses, and the presentation (oral and written) of obtained results.
  • Participating in the follow-up of participants, the organization and execution of clinical and neurocognitive interviews, and neuroimaging data collection.
  • Preparing and analyzing behavioral and neuroimaging data.
  • Writing scientific articles.


The candidate must be a full-time Masters (M.Sc.) or PhD student at Université de Montréal. Otherwise, the candidate must register to a M.Sc. or a PhD program at the Université de Montréal and must meet the eligibility requirements of the program.

Submit your application

Applicants should send the required documents to Dr. Patricia Conrod by email at 

Please provide:

  • Curriculum vitæ (CV)
  • Most recent academic transcript
  • Cover letter

Equity, diversity and inclusion

The masculine gender is used without discrimination and for the sole purpose to facilitate reading. The CHU Sainte-Justine subscribes to the principle of equal access to opportunities and invites women, members of visible and ethnic minorities, persons with disabilities and Indigenous people to apply. We would appreciate it if you could inform us of any disabilities that would require technical and physical accommodation adapted to your situation during the selection process. Please be assured that we will treat this information as confidential.

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