Call for NeuroLibre submissions by QBIN members

We are excited to announce an opportunity for QBIN members to contribute to NeuroLibre, a groundbreaking platform for reproducible preprints. Thanks to funding from QBIN, NeuroLibre is offering support to Quebec scientists interested in preparing NeuroLibre Reproducible Preprints.

The QBIN-funded initiative will allocate resources to compensate a NeuroLibre developer, who will dedicate up to 10 hours to collaborate with QBIN members. Together, we will convert your data and code into reproducible publications, advancing the accessibility and impact of your research.

Submission guidelines:

If you are eager to leverage NeuroLibre for your work, we invite you to fill out the submission questionnaire by March 1. While we cannot guarantee the selection of every submission, we are committed to promptly reviewing all entries and collaborating closely with chosen authors to expedite the publication process.

Submissions will be evaluated based on:

  • Scientific importance
  • Compatibility with NeuroLibre’s format

More about NeuroLibre:

NeuroLibre is a platform for reproducible preprints that packages the code, data, and runtime environments necessary to produce in-browser executable research objects, including articles, tutorials, and reports. NeuroLibre publications integrate scientific narratives, figures, and code with the software environment and computational hardware required to run that code. This offers a more flexible approach to publishing academic research, complements static research articles, and facilitates the communication of scientific results by producing open and reproducible publications with FAIR access to all its constituents.

Learn more about NeuroLibre here »

For any questions regarding NeuroLibre or the submission process, please contact Nikola Stikov (