DIALOGUE 2021-2022 – Student competition


For the third year, the FRQ is proposing a new funding program to support the development of projects focusing on scientific communication to the general public.

In the context of information overload, disinformation, and fake news, it is easy for the greater scientific consensus to be harshly questioned, particularly when presented by written, electronic, and social media means. Also considering that most research is publicly funded, it becomes essential that the research community publicize its work, and that its members exchange and interact with the general public. Many are already doing so, but without being adequately recognized by granting institutions or funding bodies. With this program, the FRQ wishes to bring this type of communication to the forefront and send a mobilizing message to the scientific community of Quebec.

The objectives of this competition are to:

  • Recognize the commitment of university students from all research sectors in science communication activities with the general public;
  • Encourage the next generation of researchers to pursue science communication activities with the general public;
  • Support the participation of university students in this type of activity, in order to make research, its results, its approach, and its methods better known to the general public, and in order to generate interest in science.

The expected outcomes of this competition are:

  • Better recognition of science communication activities for the general public carried out by doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows;
  • Greater involvement of the next generation of researchers in the public sphere;
  • An increase in the presence of science and research in the public space through activities that would not take place without the grant;
  • An appreciation of research by the general public reached by the activities;
  • The emergence of a succession of young researchers made aware of scientific communication to the general public.

Amount : $5000 for a maximum duration of 1 year. Twelve winners, four for each FRQ research sector, will be selected as part of this competition

Effective date : March 2022

Application process :

  1. Applicants interested in the program must indicate their intention to submit an application to the FRQ with their strategic group, research center, institute, or research network (such as QBIN). If you wish to be considered for support by QBIN, please submit a CV (any format) and a 1-2 page letter describing the proposed project (including your motivation, strategy, intended audience, and your previous experience in science communication) to Estrid Jakobsen (estrid.jakobsen@mcgill.ca), no later than September 16, 2021.
  1. After a selection process left to their discretion, each strategic group, research center, institute, or research network can support a single application to the FRQ, among all those received. QBIN will inform the FRQ, as well as the chosen candidate, of their decision no later than October 7, 2021.
  1. The selected applicant must then complete, following FRQ instructions and by invitation only, an electronic request form in FRQnet. This contains various sections to be completed and documents to be attached. The deadline to submit the full application is December 1st, 2021.

For more information and detailed instructions on how to apply, please visit the FRQ website (in French).

Note for PIs: The FRQ also has a similar program for more experienced researchers to obtain larger grants for science communication projects. This program does not require a partnership with an institution or network. However, if your project relates to bio-imaging, QBIN can provide a letter of support that may benefit your application. If you would like to request such a letter, please get in touch with Estrid Jakobsen (estrid.jakobsen@mcgill.ca). For more information about the DIALOGUE program for PIs, please consult the FRQ website (in French).