Introducing the first QBIN podcast!

In the first ever QBIN podcast, Béry Mohammediyan, master’s student in psychiatry at McGill, interviews Professors Rachel Buckley and Jason Flatt on the differences between sex and gender and how and why it is important to consider this topic in research.

Sex and Gender: Can we go beyond male or female in neuroimaging?

By Béry Mohammediyan / 2023-01-27 

Have you ever wondered how and why we should think about sex AND gender when conducting research? Join Rachel Buckley, Jason Flatt, and I today as we question ourselves on these important subjects in the field of neuroimaging. We discuss topics from how to define sex and gender to discussing interesting results. This conversation denotes the importance of continuing this dialogue and including people from different fields in and outside of academia to gain a holistic view on sex and gender.

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