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The link between hearing loss and cognitive decline

In Canada, 38% of adults between the age of 20 and 79 years old suffer from hearing loss, and many never receive treatment. Furthermore, scientists have found that hearing loss often precedes diagnoses of age-related dementia by 5 to 10 years. Flavie Detcheverry, master’s student in biomedical engineering at the Université de Montréal, summarizes what we know about the relationship between hearing loss, cognitive decline, and age-related dementia.

Sleep and Memory: A Story to Remember!

Master’s student in psychiatry at McGill, Béry Mohammediyan, explores the interesting and complex relationship between sleep and memory and the consequences of sleep deprivation – a topic that most graduate students can personally relate to!

From mentee to mentor: a conversation with two QBIN awardees, Louis Collins and Hassan Rivaz

During the 2022 QBIN Scientific Day in Sherbrooke on June 2nd, three exceptional keynote lectures were given by this year’s William Feindel lecturer, Professor Louis Collins, and the two recipients of the 2022 Rising Star in Bio-Imaging in Quebec award, Professors Sylvia Villeneuve and Hassan Rivaz. In order to learn more about their career paths, research, and interests, the QBIN blog team conducted interviews with each of the award recipients.

Interviews with 2021-2022 QBIN scholarship recipients

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to three of last year’s (2021-22) scholarship recipients, who have well deserved this recognition. We hope that these small interviews by Carlos Gevers-Montoro bring our members closer to our future brilliant researchers!

Best Buddies in research and beyond: how collaborative science facilitates progress in autism bio-imaging research

In our latest blog piece, Giulia Baracchini, PhD Candidate in Cognitive Neuroscience at the Neuro, draws on Italian literature to highlight how coming together in science and in the community has been pushing autism bio-imaging research forward. To learn more, read her conversations with prominent Quebec autism researchers and with a mother caring for her autistic daughter.

Spotlight on a Rising Star: A conversation with Sylvia Villeneuve

Exceptionally this year, QBIN will be awarding two Professors the Rising Star in Bio-Imaging in Quebec award, Profs. Sylvia Villeneuve and Hassan Rivaz, who will present their work at the 2022 QBIN Scientific Day in Sherbrooke on June 2nd along with this year’s William Feindel lecturer, Louis Collins. In order to learn more about their research and interests, the QBIN blog team conducted interviews with each of them. Stay tuned for interviews with Hassan Rivaz and Louis Collins soon and enjoy this first interview with Sylvia Villeneuve by her former PhD student, Alexa Pichet Binette!

The link between oxidative stress, glutathione, and aging

Flavie Detcheverry, a master’s student in the MIND lab at the Université de Montréal and member of the QBIN communications committee, writes about how we can use MR spectroscopy to study oxidative stress in aging.

Taking off the white coat

Sivaniya Subramaniapillai discusses how the pandemic has influenced societal trust in science and what we as scientists might be able to do to help repair it. A version of this essay placed among the top 100 contributors worldwide in the St. Gallen Global Essay Competition 2021.