Postdoctoral Fellow – Concordia University

The IMPACT lab at Concordia University has a PDF position titled “Development of novel machine learning algorithms for registration of point clouds and tracking surgical tools.”

Minimum Required Qualifications

  • PhD in ECE, CS or BME
  • Excellent background in one of these areas:
    • Image-guided interventions
    • Computer vision
    • Machine learning
    • Deep learning
    • Image Processing
  • Proven academic track record of publications in one of the fields above

About IMPACT (Image Processing And Characterization of Tissue) lab

Research at IMPACT is focused on developing novel medical image analysis techniques to improve healthcare. IMPACT lab is directed by Dr. H. Rivaz, an Associate Professor and Research Chair in Medical Imaging with Deep Learning. He was selected as a Rising Star in biomedical imaging in 2022 by QBIN. He has been an Associate Editor of IEEE TMI since 2017, IEEE TUFFC since 2018, and IEEE OJBME since 2021. He was a member of the Organizing Committee of IEEE EMBC 2020 (Montreal, Canada), IEEE ISBI 2021 (Nice, France), and IEEE IUS 2023 (Montreal, Canada). He has served as an Area Chair (AC) of MICCAI for six years from 2017 to 2023 and was an AC of IPCAI 2022. He co-organized two tutorials on advances in ultrasound imaging at IEEE ISBI 2019 and 2018. He also co-organized the Seg-CURIOUS 2022, CURIOUS 2019, and CURIOUS 2018 Challenges on registration of ultrasound and MRI in neurosurgery, and the CereVis 2018 Workshop on Cerebral Data Visualization, all in conjunction with MICCAI. IMPACT lab has an excellent track record of training outstanding graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. A state-of-the-art NVIDIA A100 server is dedicated solely to the members of the IMPACT lab, as well as several imaging equipment.

About Think Surgical

THINK Surgical, Inc., is a California-based technology innovator that develops and markets orthopedic robots. THINK Surgical robots are open platforms providing support for implant brands from multiple manufacturers, enabling the choice of the implant to be driven by the surgeon. The PDF will work in close collaboration with Tmini Systems, and THINK Surgical (1275 Avenue des Canadiens, Montreal, QC H3B 0G4). The PDF is presented with the opportunity to work either at the THINK Montreal office or the IMPACT lab.

Fellowship Duration

The fellowship is for 2 years. A one-year contract will be signed first, which can be extended for an additional year. It is possible to extend the fellowship beyond that period.

Diversity Statement

Concordia University is committed to Employment Equity and encourages applications from women, Aboriginal Peoples, visible minorities, ethnic minorities, and persons with disabilities.

How to Apply

Please send an email to Dr. Rivaz ( with the title “PDF position with THINK Surgical”.

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