The Art of Imaging Exhibition

The Art of Imaging is an exhibition that aims to engage the public in bio-imaging research through visually impressive scientific images. By showing that science can be beautiful, we hope to spark the interest of non-scientists to learn more about bio-imaging research conducted in Quebec, and around the world.

The next in-person exhibition will take place at the Montreal Convention Center from October 15-19, 2023, during the Amazing Brain Week and the World Congress of Neurology. The exhibition will be displayed in a public space and is free and open to all!


The exhibition will be open from October 15-19, 2023, during the regular opening hours of the convention centre (5:30am to 11:00pm).


The exhibition will be displayed in a space known as the Lipstick Forest on Level 1 of the Montreal Convention Centre (201 Av. Viger O, Montreal, QC H2Z 1 X7). This space is easily recognizable by its collection of large pink concrete trees.


Free! We believe that science should be open and accessible to all, and as such, all Art of Imaging events are free of charge, bilingual (French and English), and open to everyone. No registration or ticket is required for this event. Just show up!

For the best experience, bring a smartphone or tablet that can scan QR codes.

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