Sponsored public event

The Art of Imaging Exhibition

The next in-person edition of the Art of Imaging exhibition will take place at the Montreal Convention Center from October 15-19, 2023, during the Amazing Brain Week and the World Congress of Neurology. The exhibition will be displayed in a public space and is free and open to all!

Public lectures on brain imaging

On Tuesday July 18, local neuroscientists from Quebec universities will speak about their fascinating research on brain imaging. Talks will be delivered in English and French, and are free to the general public.

7th edition of PAINtalks

QBIN is proud to sponsor the 7th edition of PAINtalks, which will take place on November 3 at 6:30 pm at the Mont-Royal Centre in Montreal

6th edition of PAINtalks

The 6th edition of the PAINtalks of the Quebec Network of Junior Pain Investigators (QNJPI) will take place on November 5th in Quebec City.