Assistant.e de recherche - Réseau pour transformer les soins en autisme

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The Transforming Autism Care Consortium (TACC), a collaborative research network supported by the FRQS and philanthropy, connects and mobilizes Quebec’s strengths in autism research to improve quality of life of autistic individuals, individuals with related neurodevelopmental conditions and their family by integrating knowledge into practice and policy. TACC brings together over 80 researchers and over 550 clinicians, research trainees, highly qualified research personnel and community members from across Quebec’s university and hospital network in the pursuit of three main objectives: (1) Engage in research 1000 families and build a pipeline to create a unique database for TACC researchers by compiling genetic, cellular, brain imaging data, and behavioral profiles; (2) Build research capacity throughout the province by supporting training, professional development, and integrated research opportunities; and (3) Support and facilitate community engagement by connecting researchers, clinicians, individuals with lived-experience and the wider community, to communicate and integrate research progress and discoveries in practice and policy.

The RA will assist on research programs and activities under the community engagement strategic objective of the network and provide support to the network core team.

Specific duties include:

  • Compile and analyze data collected through the research partnerships program, Partners for Change, and:
    • Interpret community needs and match research tools and resources to address those needs
    • Plan the scientific review process of applications for funding
    • Support knowledge brokering for research partnerships
    • Focuses on research objectives while recognizing unanticipated opportunities during a project. 
    • Prepare in writing scientific communications that may result and adapt for different target audiences
  • Plan and develop outreach to network members and other community stakeholders for research opportunities and events, and ensure they are promoted to appropriate audiences through the network’s communication channels (newsletter, social media, website);
  • Use expertise and scholarly to analyze and respond to incoming requests from members regarding the network’s opportunities, programs and activities (including general questions, competitions, events, and training activities);
  • Contribute to strategic planning of programs and activities across all three objectives (Discovery, Capacity Building, Community Engagement), compile and analyze impact indicators metrics, write reports for internal use and distribution;
  • Represent the core team as liaison with the network community engagement committee to ensure alignment of the mandate and deliverables with the network’s established strategic research priorities;
  • Provide support for the updating of website content to reflect day-to-day research activities (WordPress);
  • Writing, editing and reviewing documents, reports and materials, as required;
  • Organize and attend meetings, prepare the materials, and manage related documentation.

The successful candidate must hold an M.Sc or equivalent in a relevant field (neuroscience, psychiatry, psychology or related disciplines).

We are looking for a proactive, goal-oriented team-player who has demonstrated good organizational and problem-solving skills, who has strong oral and written communication skills for various media (e.g., web, text, newsletters, social media, etc.), who can effectively manage time and prioritize tasks, who exhibits good interpersonal skills and can interact with different community members, resourcefulness and the ability to work independently, and who has professional competency in both English and French. Experience with website content management with WordPress is an asset.

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